April 2018
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How VoIP Works

What is it?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (IP). It is a unified, innovative communications system which has revolutionized the way people talk. Using high-speed internet connectivity, individual users as well as businesses can enjoy long, uninterrupted and pristine communication, enabling them to reduce their phone bills.

How it Works

In simple terms, a Voice over Internet Protocol system utilizes a stable internet connection to provide communication over several digital networks instead of a phone line.  VoIP uses packets of prioritized data (voice signals). With today’s advancement of internet technology communications VoIP is faster, secure, stable and user friendly.  Combined with quality broadband, this has made for an exceptionally beneficial and popular innovation that is being used by millions of businesses as well as individual users across the globe.

Why HighComm?

At HighComm, we understand the need for a thorough and highly integrated communications infrastructure. We provide quality VoIP services as well as a reliable customer support system. We have the resources, the innovation and a professional team of experienced and diligent technicians who will guide, train, and support your business and who will always be there for you.


The Real Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses


Cutting Costs


Flexibility in Services

 VoIP systems are cost-effective, particularly in the realm of repair and maintenance requirements. Old school communication and components have to be replaced far too many times, which elevates the cost. You can slash maintenance costs considerably by investing in VoIP. In addition, using a hosted VoIP service will provide you powerful solutions, and eliminate the need for standalone components.

A third-party vendor can offer you a more efficient and effective source of VoIP communications, incorporating the system with your operational requirements. Moreover, an independent VoIP service provider enables you to install a complete network of phone lines and establish remote connectivity. This eliminates old phone tech and the inflexibility associated with it.


 Reduced Repair & Maintenance Expenses  


 Increased Reliability  

Outsourcing your VoIP system to HighComm enables you to relax as our professional team handles the entire repair and maintenance process. There is no need to employ a separate team of specialists to take care of repair and maintenance, helping you save time and money while comfortably enhancing the operational efficiency of your business. We will ensure each aspect of our services is functioning properly with streamlined efficiency.

Outsourcing your VoIP infrastructure and framework to HighComm also ensures quality and efficiency combined with powerful connectivity. Our experts provide you optimal bandwidth specifications to reduce downtime, increase quality and eliminate delay time. You will no longer have concerns about call quality or communication lapse. VoIP systems maintain clear reception on every single call.

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